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Go Island Hopping for the Day

Let’s go exploring. Take a ride into the Santa Rosa Sound and search for uninhibited islands and coves. The Sound is full of tiny islands with beaches and coves that will keep you and the kids entertained for the day. Pack a picnic lunch, find a secluded beach and let the kids play. 

There are several islands in the middle of Santa Rosa Sound with tiny coves, secluded beaches, and sandbars that extend out from the islands. The waters around these islands are shallow for quite a ways out from the beach, making them great for snorkeling, swimming, or just relaxing in the water. 


Your Captain will design the perfect day for you or you can plan it on the fly.


Let’s go find your beach.

What to bring for the day!

Remember these are uninhabited islands. Exploring can be great fun for the kids. If you wander from the beach, you will want to have shoes to protect you from the natural terrain which may not be so comfortable for bare feet.


Since the islands are unknown to many tourists, you won’t find an abundance of restaurants or places to stop and get food. Pack enough to last for the day. Bring lots of liquids to keep hydrated. Sunscreen is an absolute must. The only shade will be from the biminis on the boat. 


There is a private changing area on the boat. If you plan to swim, bring extra clothes and a towel. You will be glad you did. Don’t forget the snorkeling gear. Searching for crabs and fish can provide hours of entertainment for the kids.

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