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Crab Island Luxury Adventures

The leader in 30A pontoon boat rental companies

Since founding and starting Crab Island Luxury Adventures, it has been the vision and mission of Nathan Hill to create exclusive adventures for the discerning traveler to the Emerald Coast.

Now, more than ever, access is the new measure of luxury. What CILA has stood for since the very beginning comes to the forefront, demonstrating the advantages of luxury pontoons and ultimate hospitality to bring families and friends together for a day on the water in Destin and the 30A areas.

We are a family-owned business offering private luxury pontoon charters for up to 13 guests per boat. Please call us if there are more than 13 people in your party.

We strive to provide excellent customer service from the moment your journey begins with us.

Our goal is to ensure every customer has an amazing and safe day on the water!

The Boat

Enjoy an ultra-luxurious tritoon boat designed for your comfort and a smooth ride. Your boat is equipped with LED lights, a fantastic sound system with Bluetooth, luxury seating, double biminis for full shade, and all the coastguard-required safety equipment. We can take up to 13 guests but the boat is designed to carry 16 passengers. That means there’s plenty of room for relaxing and all your beach gear. 

U.S.C.G. Boating Laws

In accordance with US Coast Guard regulations, bareboat charters CANNOT include the captain’s rate, gratuity, or fuel cost in the charter payment. The captain must be paid by the charterer (you) directly. You will pay the captain $60/hr + fuel ($75-$150) directly via e-payment or cash prior to departure.


After booking, We provide you with a list of pre-approved captains to choose from. We have pre-selected those with the best sailing experience and hospitality skills, destination expertise, and a passion for the region.

Save up to $500 when you book your flight +hotel!

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What is a Bareboat Charter?

A Bareboat or demise charter requires a written agreement between the owner of a vessel and a charterer where the charterer has use of the vessel for a defined period of time and is considered the de facto owner. A bareboat charterer may take on legal obligations to the owner of the vessel, the crew, the passengers carried, and others.


Elements of a valid Bareboat Charter:

    1. The charterer must have the option of selecting and paying the crew, although the owner may require general levels of proficiency for the crew that is retained based on federal statutes.
    2. The master/crew are paid by the charterer
    3. All food, fuel, and stores are provided by the charterer
    4. Insurance is obtained by the charterer
    5. The charterer is responsible for the safe navigation of the vessel
    6. The charterer may discharge, for cause, the master or any crew member without referral to the owner
    7. The vessel is surveyed upon its delivery and return

Any provision that tends to show retention of possession or control of the vessel by the owner, or the owner’s exclusive operator, would be a contradiction that a valid and legal bareboat charter exists.


Common Bareboat Charter Vessel Errors:

    1. A chartered vessel may NOT carry more than 12 passengers without a Certificate of Inspection (COI)
    2. A chartered vessel may NOT carry more than 12 passengers while moored. A chartered vessel is considered to be carrying “passengers” whether moored or underway. This includes a boat bed and breakfast
    3. The owner of the vessel may NOT be the vessel master or part of the crew. The vessel owner is NOT allowed on board during a bareboat charter
    4. A bareboat charter contract may not provide or dictate a crew. The charterer must be able to select a crew and have the ability to discharge the crew
    5. The charterer is not considered a passenger, and there can only be one charterer, even though the vessel may be chartered by several individuals. In this case, one person would be considered the charterer and the rest would be counted as passengers.
    6. Both U.S. flag and foreign vessels may be chartered, however, foreign-flagged vessels cannot carry passengers for hire between U.S. ports and must be chartered by and/or operate as a recreational vessel. Foreign-built vessels owned by U.S. citizens must meet coastwise trade rules before carrying passengers for hire.
    7. Using a vessel as a boat bed and breakfast in which the owner or operator receives consideration for people to remain overnight on the vessel is a commercial operation, is still limited to 12 passengers, and requires a written contract (bareboat contract) if the vessel is foreign-built and does not carry a MARAD small passenger vessel waiver.

Crab Island Luxury Adventures, LLC is dedicated to ensuring all of our managed vessels operate legally, and at the highest safety and maintenance standards. We recommend printing and carrying aboard your fully executed bareboat charter agreement when operating a bareboat charter and ensuring any hired crew are properly trained and qualified. 

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